Ultimate Self-Care Guide


Why is self-care important? Well, if you’re like us, working full-time, launching a startup, and simply existing can feel draining. Hustle & Hope was created because we know that while we do have to hustle from time to time, we also need balance.

This is exactly why we’ve created our T.A.P. Method, which is designed to help you re-calibrate and focus on investing in you. Say bye-bye to burnout and overextending yourself.
Keep scrolling to see what you get with the Ultimate Self-Care Guide.


What's Included?

Exclusive T.A.P. Method: Use this proven method to get to ultimate self-care.

T = Think Back

A = Acknowledge the Good

P = Practice Peace

    • Reflection Questions (Think Back): Before you can heal and find peace, you’ve got to face what’s been nagging you head on. We’ve curated 15 key questions to help you self-reflect.
    • Gratefulness Guide (Acknowledge the Good): Learn how to see the magic in the minor moments and appreciate the rain, in order to see the rainbows.
    • Building New Habits Guide (Practice Peace): The final step in our T.A.P. method is designed to help you get into the actual practice of mindfulness and self-care. We want you to truly T.A.P. into your whole self. This guide explores a few ways you can practice peace with mind, body, heart, and spirit.
Bonus Templates:
    • Affirmations
    • Self-Care Tracker
    • Gratitude Starter Journal

What's Next?

After you purchase the bundle, check your email for a link to download and access the Ultimate Self-Care guide. Get ready to T.A.P. Into You, relax, relate, and release!

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