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Who We Are?

Hustle & Hope is the first greeting card company to embed free downloadable guides designed to improve your career, mindset and spirit! The guides cover everything from how to write your resume, interviewing tips, self-care, budgeting and more. Our mission is to motivate and inspire corporate professionals and entrepreneurs. We are here to cheer you on through all of life’s setups, setbacks, and comebacks. Each card is uniquely designed to spark joy and inspire action to your recipient. Every word is written to reflect positive words young professionals and driven entrepreneurs need to hear. Words that inspire you to step your game up, bounce back, or build the life of your dreams.

How Does It Work?

Step One

Step One

Grab a card and Get Inspired

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Step Two

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Step Three

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Meet The Founder

Founder/Industry Disruptor/Chief Fun Officer

Originally from Houston, Texas, Ashley jumped straight from college to the bright lights of New York City, into corporate life working for over a decade with major beauty, toy, and licensing brands. But too much overtime and not enough ‘me time’ later, she found herself looking around for a change. Nearing burnout, Ashley was eager for something that ignited a flame in her the way working her dream job once had. She knew she was ready for a career change but didn’t quite know where to start.

Enter the notebook that changed her everything.

One night after flipping through an old idea book from college, she came across a promise she’d made long ago to herself to start a stationery business. Her apartment was filled with piles of greeting cards--little mementos of encouragement from loved ones and friends that she cherished through the years.

As a lover of stationery, and a marketing professional with over a decade of corporate experience, our founder's goal was to channel her career experiences into a product with meaning.

And that’s when Ashley knew her next move would be to fulfill her dream of starting a stationery company and Hustle & Hope was born. Channeling her corporate experience, Ashley uses her new passion to remind everyone that a little bit of HUSTLE & a little bit of HOPE, dreams become reality!

Ashley In Action

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