Strike a Pose Unique Afro Unicorn Card


Afro Unicorn®️ 2-in-1 birthday greeting cards are unique.

To be is to believe; and we hope you make every birthday unique with our Afro Unicorn®️ Greeting Cards. Perfect for little girls, these 2-in-1 cards not only celebrate special moments but also inspire with fun and creativity with the bonus activity pack included with every card. Dive into the world of Afro Unicorn®️, where representation matters and every girl can see herself in the magical characters she loves.

  • Afro Unicorns are #1 in all of our card designs: Each card features one or all of your favorite Afro Unicorns (Unique, Magical, and Divine).
  • Fun Birthday & Affirmation Themes: Whether it’s a birthday bash or a day for positive vibes, these cards bring joy and inspiration with cute designs and uplifting “Afro-mations”.
  • 2-in-1 Interactive Fun: Each greeting card includes a free activity pack filled with coloring and a puzzle, as a special freebie to spark creative fun for kids.

Grab your card now, and make each moment extra magical. Perfect for birthdays, encouraging notes, or just because, Afro Unicorn®️ Greeting Cards are the perfect way to bring a smile to a little one’s face. 


Founder's Note: April Showers founded Afro Unicorn®️ in 2019 to uplift and promote women and children of color.

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