Fearless Luggage Tag w/Buckle

Fun travel accessories are now boarding! Your next trip doesn't have to feel boring. Every hustler should travel in style from check-in, to your final destination. You should be 'Fearless' with every move you make. We wanted to create something uplifting and motivational while you're on the go.

Looking for a travel gift for someone else? Surprise the travel enthusiast in your life with a thoughtful and practical gift. Designed for the modern hustler, this tag is more than just a label – it's a statement.

Say goodbye to basic luggage tags. Our design adds a pop of color, ensuring your bags stand out on the carousel. Travel confidently and let your unique style shine.

Luggage Tag Size: 2.8125 x 4.375 inches; Strap: 7 inches
Material: 100% polyester and Canvas (The back and strap are adorned with a cool grey canvas with silver buckle)

Bon Voyage!

SKU: PMH53.2167725

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