Baby, You are Loved Greeting Card


We have adorable 2-in-1 baby greeting cards.

Need to give a baby gift that's sure to be remembered? Say hello to heart-melting moments and bundles of joy with our baby card. Not only does it beam with cuteness, but it also comes with a bonus guide to 'Self-Care After Welcoming Your New Baby' and empowering new parent affirmations—because every parent deserves some extra TLC!

How Does it Work: Simply grab the baby card, scan the back, and get the guide.


Whether you're congratulating new parents, welcoming an adopted bundle of joy, or celebrating a newborn arrival, our card is perfect for spreading smiles and love.

  • Blank Inside: Every card awaits your heartfelt words and warm wishes. Pour your love into every stroke of the pen!
  • Perfectly Petite, Perfectly Precious: Our standard size (5.5" x 4.25") card is just the right fit for big announcements, little miracles, and everything in between.
  • Uncoated, Unforgettable: Crafted with care on uncoated paper for a gentler footprint, our greeting card feels nice and smooth
  • Sealed with Love: Each card comes with a white envelope, ready to journey from your mailbox to theirs.


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